At Draper Goren Blockchain, our passion is not just investing, but being a part of the innovation journey from the very beginning. Specializing in the dynamic world of blockchain, we extend our vision into sectors ripe for disruption, like Artificial Intelligence, Fintech, Proptech and Metaverse. Our commitment is mirrored in our investments, ranging from $25k to $50k, focusing on nurturing early-stage startups that are poised to redefine their industries. We don’t just invest; we partner and grow alongside these visionaries, sharing in their challenges and successes.

Being the ‘First Checks In’ isn’t just about funding; it’s about faith in potential and the courage to lead the charge. Draper Goren Blockchain distinguishes itself by being the initial vote of confidence for startups. We don’t just provide capital; we bring a wealth of experience, network, and a hands-on approach to each venture. Our unique model involves investing in startups as fellow founders, ensuring a deeper level of commitment and understanding. This approach allows us to be more than investors – we are collaborators, mentors, and most importantly, believers in the foundational ideas we invest in.